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Del Piero: ' Italian football benefits from coming Ronaldo to Juventus'

Alessandro Del Piero is very pleased with the fact that his old club Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo has attracted. The 43-year-old club icon of the Turijners thinks that all Italian football will benefit from his arrival to the Serie A.

"It's great for Juventus, for the whole city of Turin and the whole Italian football, that we can enjoy here what he still can," said Del Piero to Sky Sports Italia.
"I think Ronaldo will take care of a higher level in the Italian league and other teams will have even more the desire to win Juventus, people are talking about Juventus, Turin and Italy all over the world. more happened. "

Ronaldo agreed a four-year contract with Juventus earlier this week. The club paid a transfer fee of 100 million euros for the 33-year-old attacker, who at Real Madrid in nine seasons was good for 450 goals in 438 games.

Del Piero expects that Juventus will soon become one of the biggest clubs in the world because of the spectacular arrival of Ronaldo.
"Juventus wants to win the Champions League, but also wants to be mentioned in the same breath with the biggest clubs in the world, since Italy has made it more difficult since 2006. The arrival of Ronaldo to Juventus makes the Serie A and Italian football again become more popular. "

Del Piero played nineteen seasons for Juventus from 1993 to 2012. The former striker holds the club record of the number of matches (705) and the number of goals (290) for the club. He won six Serie A titles and one time the Champions League with Juventus'.

Del Piero is very impressed by Ronaldo. He believes that the will of the Portuguese superstar to win is second to none.
"Ronaldo is a player who can score from every angle and has a great technique, but above all, besides the economic benefits of his arrival, he has a huge will to win, the hunger he has to want to be the best again and again. , is what makes him so good, besides his qualities as a footballer. "

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Created at: 2018-07-11 17:23:10