"The golden Belgian generation"

The Belgian media are short of superlatives after the piece of art of their 'Red Devils'. The formation of national coach Roberto Martínez sent home world-cup favorite Brazil and plays the southern neighbors from France next tuesday for a spot in the finals at the World Cup.

The talent of a golden generation of" Red Devils "comes up at the right moment", headlines De Standaard in capitals on Saturday.

The Flemish newspaper can barely contain the 1-2 victory against the five-time world champion Brazil. "This is not a dream, the 'Red Devils' have knocked out Brazil and are in the semifinals of the World Cup and are up to beat France next."

And according to De Morgen, that is certainly not impossible if even the "strongest football team in the world" can be beat. " Stand up for the occasion, get the required level and show the cleverness In Kazan, so the golden Belgian generation can win the world for itself."

"The 'Red Devils' did everything well in their big exam against Brazil, they also had luck at the right time, and the big Brazil, the world champion who had been defeated, could pack their bags and head home."

According to Het Laatste Nieuws, the Belgians have become men in Kazan. "No gold men yet: they have to pull everything out twice, starting with France on Tuesday in St. Petersburg.

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Created at: 2018-07-07 11:57:41