[Fifacoins.com] - Small Belgium missed worldcup final

In the Belgian media, after the elimination at the WC in the semi-finals against France, disappointment predominates, but also pride. An overview of the reactions in the newspapers of our southern neighbors.

"In the semi-finals of the World Cup, for a small football player like Belgium that is no reason to be ashamed, on the contrary," writes Het Nieuwsblad, who takes the opportunity to thank the players one by one.

"The whole country is proud of this fantastic generation of 'Red Devils', who showed the whole world how talented it is, and Belgium made an excellent turn thanks to you."

De Standaard also has a positive feeling about the World Cup. "The dream is over, but the summer of 2018 will always remain a benchmark, those long, dry weeks when nothing seemed impossible, and the tradition will only make the exploits even greater," the newspaper says.

"Even after last night nobody can claim that it is not worth trying to be the best, even though that goal seems far away." It is a message that has been heard, even in streets and on squares where that story is often suffocated We must hope that she does not just disappear, and then we will see where it brings us. "
Het Laatste Nieuws hoped fervently that the best result of Belgium at a World Cup so far - a fourth place in 1986 - would be surpassed and sad of the way the adventure ended against France.

"The 1986 class was not surpassed, it was particularly bad, especially because France was certainly not the better team, but the more efficient and most fortunate road golden dream, but it looked beautiful, after great victories against Japan and Brazil. Land did dance of happiness, singing out of pure joy and glimmers of pride ", according to the daily newspaper.

"What is left is a big hangover: our chance for the supreme football glory Frustrations everywhere, thanks for such a great month, guys, we do not sing anymore, we stay proud, then in two years' time we'll be European champion, right? "

The French newspapers are obviously euphoric and take their front pages. "With the head in the stars", headlines L'Équipe. Also Le Parisien ("The finale is inside") and Le Télégramme ("Magnifiek!") Open lyrical.

Fifa 19 Belgium - France
The other semi-final of the World Cup wiSaturday at 16.00, followed by the final at 17.00 on Sunday.ll be played by the teams from Croatia and England on Wednesday-evening from 20.00. The battle for third place is 


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